At Elite Property Renovations, we believe that your roof is the home’s most important system. It helps protect everything below it from the harsh elements of Mother Nature. High winds, driving rains, snow from the latest nor’easter, winter’s melting ice, and the sun’s intense heat are no match for our Elite roof system!

Start With Our Popular Roof Tune-up – only $125!

Our most popular service is our roof tune-up. It’s perfect for customers who think they may have a problem, or may just want their roof checked and serviced. It goes beyond just inspecting your roof. Our tune-up includes light repairs that can really help to lengthen the serviceable life of your roof. We replace vent boot and pipe seals, service the caulking, replace up to five shingles, and maintenance your chimney flashing. It also includes a professional report with photos of the current state of your roof. Below you’ll find details about the services we perform during the roof Tune-up:

Pipe gasket replacement  Pipes penetrating through the roof are typically used for plumbing ventilation. Flashing boots are used to seal around the pipe. Over time, the gasket that seals around the pipe becomes brittle and cracks. The replacement gasket gives new life to the protection around the pipe helping to eliminate a possible point for water to penetrate.

Caulking Your roof is exposed to the elements 24/7, 365 for many years. The caulks and sealants used on your roof shrink and crack over time and can become compromised. We take the time to inspect and service these areas to ensure they are resealed.

Chimney flashing sealing  The flashing around your chimney is vital to the integrity of your roof system. These flashings should be inspected and resealed periodically as a proactive maintenance item.  We will give them a thorough inspection and reseal them.

Shingle repair  Sometimes there are shingles that are missing and damaged and are not visible from the ground. If these conditions exist on your roof, we can replace up to five during the roof tune-up.

Report  You don’t need to take our word for it. Once we complete the tune-up, we will provide you with a full photo report of our findings, plus before and after photos of the work we did. This report can be sent digitally and time stamped for your records.

How We Define a Professional Roofing Installation

We respect your property, period. Our team does things a little different to make your experience before, during, and after the installation one you’ll be raving about! Here are just a few of the things that make us different:

We tarp your landscaping  This will help to protect your landscaping from debris, damage, and ensures we do not leave any nails behind.

We know your time is valuable. How’s a 1-day install sound? Instead of spreading our team out on several jobs, we put everyone at your job. This helps to ensure weather isn’t an issue. Your home will not be exposed to the elements for long before we have your new roof system installed!

We don’t cut corners. We install your new roof to the manufacturer’s specifications, making sure you have a quality installation. We never “roof-over” when installing shingles. We always remove your existing roof materials down to the decking. This helps to make sure your roof system starts from a good base.

Respect for your time We arrive when we say we’re going to. When our team is scheduled for your installation, we will be there.  We give specific times for arrival instead of large windows of time. You won’t be waiting around all day wondering what’s going on. We understand your time is valuable, and we respect that.

Our team will bring a dump trailer with pneumatic tires the day of the installation.  We fill it with the debris from your job, then the trailer and the trash leave when we leave.  No messy and bulky dumpsters to scratch up your driveway and sit around for days.  

Elite has you covered. We are certified with GAF, the leading shingle manufacturer. Their Timberline HDZ shingle carries a limited lifetime warranty, including an industry-best “infinite wind warranty”.

Financing to Fit Most Any Budget

Elite Property Renovations offers flexible financing arrangements

We offer several financing options that can help to make almost any project more affordable. Monthly payments as low as $41 per month*. Click below to get pre-approved or speak to an Elite team member for more information.

*Monthly payments based on automatic payment withdrawal from a bank account. Financing applied for and processed through the Mosaic platform is originated by Solar Mosaic LLC or one of its lending/financing partners.  Refer to transaction-specific disclosures and loan documents for details and additional information.

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