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FAQs for Owners

How long have you been managing properties?

Our company has been renovating and renting homes in York and the greater Harrisburg area for over 12 years. As our portfolio of properties grew, we discovered that Elite had also became a property management company servicing their owned units. Eventually, Elite began to have interest from outside owners who also wanted to take advantage of our processes and procedures, time tested, to improve long term return on investment. We are currently managing more than 1,300 units with more being added each day. Our Elite team of property managers has managed rental properties for more than 30 years.

Why should I choose you to manage my property?

Over the years we have put together an extremely effective team. We are technology and process driven which allows us to provide you the best service at a reasonable price. Our proven processes and experience will ensure that your property will be managed professionally and allow you to focus on things that matter most to you.

How do you handle maintenance requests?

Tenants have two ways to request a work order. They can call our maintenance line staffed by live people, 24/7, or enter a work through their tenant portal. The tenant portal works on computers and hand held devices and also allows the tenant to upload pictures. Our team of fully insured maintenance professionals will address all work orders with-in 24 hours. Owner’s who are performing their owner maintenance will also need to address any work orders assigned to them in the same time frame.

Must I use Elite to perform maintenance?

You have several options to handle your maintenance needs:

  • You can perform the maintenance yourself. All work orders will be forwarded to you. Owners will be responsible for meeting Elite maintenance response policy requirements and report completion of the work.
  • You can choose to use an outside contractor. All work orders will be forwarded to you and your contractor. The contractor will be responsible for meeting Elite maintenance response policy requirements and report completion of the work.
  • Elite can handle all emergency maintenance. If a work order is deemed to be an emergency as listed by the Elite maintenance response policy, our technicians will address the problem. All other cases will be sent to the owner to address, see #1.
  • Elite will handle all maintenance. Elite will perform all work orders for the units up to a limit set by the owner, usually $300. If it is determined that repairs may exceed the limit, an estimate will be prepared.

Our team is very cost effective at making repairs and can typically do it cheaper and quicker than the competition. That is why a majority of the owners choose option 4. We do however understand if you want full control over your maintenance expenditures.

My tenant is not paying the rent, what now?

Accounts receivables for each unit is tracked daily and reviewed for action on a weekly basis. When a tenant misses a rent payment their Property Manager will follow the standard process and reach out to the tenant in the appropriate manner. Sometimes it is a case of bad things sometimes happen to good people. In this case we will work with the tenant to develop a reasonable payment plan to get back to normal. Sometimes the tenant still does not pay after being contacted, a letter of intent to file eviction will be sent. If the tenant’s rent is still not paid by the 21st the eviction paperwork is filed with the courts. If a court filing is required, Elite will continue to manage the court process until it’s conclusion. It is sometimes a balancing act to judge a tenant’s intentions, but we use our experience to make the best decision on how to proceed.

If the account proceeds to eviction Elite will manage the process.

Do you take any tenant or manage every property?

No we do not. We believe in setting both property owners and tenants up for success. This means that we will make sure that we are a good fit for both tenants and property owners.

About Property Owners: We are a fully licensed brokerage and compliant with all laws of the State of Pennsylvania as well as the City of York. That means that we will only represent properties that are licensed as rental properties. All units must meet our rental property requirements and pass an rent ready inspection if vacant. If your property does not currently have a rental license, we will gladly meet with you and determine what, if anything, needs to happen to get a license.

About Tenants: Elite’s applicant policy is compliant with the Fair Housing Act. We perform a background check on all prospective tenants and occupants of an unit over the age of 18. If the applicants do not have a disqualifying event on their record, we proceed to the next level of qualification. Next we look at the tenant’s credit rating, landlord reference and employment history. We require employment and income verifications exceed 3.5 times the amount of the rental amount for the unit to which they apply. We require a government issued photo ID from every financially responsible adult applicant and require a larger security deposit if a recent, preferably local, landlord reference is not available or credit rating is not with-in acceptable range.

While we strictly follow our applicant criteria and with great results, there is never a guarantee a tenant won’t stop paying. In the case where we are forced to evict a tenant that has not fulfilled their first year lease, we will place a next tenant with no leasing fee.

How do I get my money?

In order to give the tenants some time to review their ledgers before the beginning of the next month, Elite’s billing cycle runs from the 21st of the current month to the 20th of the following month. Between the 20th and 24th of each month, our team performs reconciliations for all tenants and owners and send statements no later the the 25th. Owners with direct deposits will receive their deposit by the 25th. Owners who choose to have receive a check will have it mailed no later then the 25th.

What services are included in the monthly management fee?

All activities performed by the property management and accounting teams, including but not limited to the collection of rent, accounts receivable audits, move out inspections and tenant contact. Access to the our property management system for you and your tenants are part of the management fee. Scheduled monthly Owners Statements, Rent Roll and Work Order Reports are also included in your monthly management fee.

What services are included in the leasing fee?

Elite’s web site, Facebook and Craigslist posts, including any specialty promotion, are included in the leasing fee as well as the marketing of the unit on all major rental web sites. The leasing fee includes the applicant and background check process, showings of the unit, creation and signing of the lease agreement and move in inspection.

What does the set-up fee include?

The set-up fee includes changing all of the units deadbolts with Elite’s proprietary master system, first month’s management fee, completion of the new unit checklist and tenant contact and on-boarding if occupied. If the unit is vacant, the fee includes performing an Rent Ready Inspection and Return to Market estimate if required.

What is the standard process from tenant notice to vacate to new tenant?

Tenant gives the appropriate notice, usually 30 days, and a pre-move out inspection is immediately scheduled along with a move out inspection with-in two days of the final day of the notice. The tenant is sent a move out packet that explains in what condition the tenants should leave the unit to maximize security deposit return which is reviewed at the pre-move out inspection. On scheduled inspection day, an official inspection with pictures is performed along with a Return to Market and Rent Ready inspection. The three inspections are reviewed and a fair decision is made about the disbursement of the tenant’s security deposit. The Return to Market work is begun upon approval of the owner. Marketing of the unit is begun when the project is with-in three weeks of completion and is not an active work site.

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